1. Papa J and his granddaughter. She’s pretty content next to him. #vscocam


  2. Looking up in Guthrie. #vscocam #vsco


  3. Cousins at tea time.


  4. Praying the Psalms, Second Edition: Engaging Scripture and the Life of the Spirit by Walter Brueggemann

    I have been so encouraged and challenged by this book…I’m still reading too.  It has allowed for me to pray through the psalms in a way that is real, more raw and exposed.  What my heart longs for in these days.  The ‘psalms of complaint’ give words to the emotions and pains of loss in my heart these days and as I pray them hope is asserted into those places yet without forfeiting the realness of my disorientation.

    "Psalms of complaint are powerful expressions of the experience of disorientation. They express the pain, grief, dismay, and anger that life is not good. (They also refuse to settle for things as they are, and so they assert hope.)  And in hearing these Psalms, our natural, fearful yearning is to tone down the hyperbole, to deny it for ourselves and protect others from it because it is too harsh and, in any case, is an overstatement. And likely we wish to hold on a bit to the old orientation now in such disarray. Our tendency to such protectiveness is evident in the way churches ignore or “edit” these “unacceptable” Psalms."

    "And if, in the praying of the Psalms, we do not bring the dynamic of our own experience, we shall have flat, empty prayers treating the language as one-dimensional description"

    Thus we may become aware that when speech is broken free from a need for exactitude and permitted to reshape our existence and experience, we will experience new freedom that is not just freedom of speech, but freedom for faith.”

    Most of all, they give us new eyes to see and new tongues to speak. And therefore, we need not enter the Presence of the Holy One mute and immobilized. We go there to practice our vocation of receiving the new future God is speaking to us. To risk such prayer is to repent of the old orientation to which we no longer belong. It is to refuse the pit which must first be fully experienced for the sake of the wings which may be boldly anticipated.”

    So good and rich!

    Buy it here.


  5. Spring.  New life begins.  

    I’m needing it this year more than ever.  I need to be reminded that death does not reign…at all.  I hear its powerful voice barking commands everyday - commands to lose hope, to think that I will always feel this way, or that survival will be enough.  But that seemingly powerful voice is silenced so quickly when I look into the face of these gifts of grace, so full of life and hope and unrestrained joy.  I can’t help but feel new life.  Feel full hope will return in full force.  Their faces are reminders that life is a gift, that Jesus gave us this abundant life and silenced death forever - these kids remind me of this life-giving truth.


  6. G scored his first goal in a game today! So proud. Now if we could just figure out how to get a W for his team. #ymcasoccer


  7. G learning to ride his very first 4-wheeler. He’s a natural, it’s in his blood. Thanks Papa J.


  8. Happy 1 year birthday my lil joyful E. You’re life has brought much joy to us all.


  9. Restful and relaxing. Thankful for this getaway with the family and close friends.


  10. Not a bad Monday. Photo Cred: Graham. Good having a young photographer in the fam. #smithbreak14 @asmith79