1. Nothing says ‘Happy Birthday America’ like an Uncle Sam Storm Trooper. #vscocam #happy4th


  2. He did it…more than once. ¬†

    What a difference a year makes. ¬†Just learned to jump off the side of the pool last year now he is going for the high dive…what’s next?


  3. Walking joyfully. #vscocam


  4. Dinner in Guthrie. Then walking the streets before buying fireworks.


  5. Love this OK rain, thunder, & lightning. Bring it!


  6. Weekend view. #vscocam


  7. Celebrating, Colorado style, another year of life. Thankful for this friend.


  8. #tbt 1 day ago, 6 days ago and 9 days ago when I had the great privilege of celebrating the birthdays of these three people who about make my heart explode with love! #junebirthdays! @asmith79


  9. Happy 4th Abigail! You never fail to bring a smile to my face. Photo Cred: @crystalwmiller - love this pic.


  10. Eleanor from Easter 2014.